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Added Faves From The Snow

A black and white shot from distance.

Saturday brought the first snow storm of the year to central Michigan. Visibility was such that I didn’t feel all that safe braving the roads on my bike, so I headed down to my bike shop to pick up some new winter gloves for a potential ride on Sunday. I had heard that there was a group ride being organized at the Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross race course, so I figured after I picked up my gloves I’d head over to the course with the Fuji X-T10 for some photo.

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Fave Fotos No. 1


Due to some insane wind and rain, this week has not been the best for riding and shooting. However, I still managed to get a few shots that I dig in. No, they’re not pro-level shots, given that they were taken by someone not a pro, but they are shots I like.

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Michigan’s Burning


During my Tuesday dirt road ride I rode past yet another dirt road barn/garage that appears to have gone up in flames. It’s always sad to see so much damage and property loss. The only good thing about the two incidents is–from what I can tell–there was no loss of human or livestock life, to the nearby homes.

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A Realization

I am not a pixel peeper. When I take a shot, all I care about it whether I like the photo or not. If I have to do some post processing to get that; so be it. If there’s some ISO noise or the bokeh isn’t awesome; so be it. I just want to like the photo and have it reflect what I saw in my mind when I took the photo. Note that I said in my mind, not in my eye. I believe that’s an indication that I am a designer first, a photographer second.

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