A Realization

I am not a pixel peeper. When I take a shot, all I care about it whether I like the photo or not. If I have to do some post processing to get that; so be it. If there’s some ISO noise or the bokeh isn’t awesome; so be it. I just want to like the photo and have it reflect what I saw in my mind when I took the photo. Note that I said in my mind, not in my eye. I believe that’s an indication that I am a designer first, a photographer second.

When I recently moved from a low budget Nikon DSLR to two Fuji X Series mirrorless cameras (first a used X100S, then a new X-T10) I heard about the RAW vs JPEG debate, with many photographers preferring the JPEG images that come from the Fuji X Series. Me being me, I took that with a grain of salt and just kept shooting RAW and processing in Lightroom CC as usual.


Well, this weekend I went out for a short twenty-six mile pedal north of town and took all the shots in both RAW and JPEG. What I found was that I liked both sets of images. But, I really liked the JPEG pics that I got out of the X-T10 using the Fujifilm XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 lens (see dirt road farm kitty above).

The only thing I did to the shot above was to import it into Photoshop CC and play slightly with the cropping, lighting and warmth of the shot. I didn’t touch the sharpening or contrast, which is something that I do with each and every RAW shot I’ve ever taken with my Fuji cameras.

Is it perfect? Dude, I have NO idea! Does it reflect what I saw in my mind when I took the shot and do I dig it? Yep.

That’s all I need.

What does this all mean to me? Not all that much. I may have just got lucky, but at the present time I will probably continue to shoot in RAW/JPEG as long as my memory card will allow, and go with the shot I dig the most and reflects what I had in my mind.

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