Added Faves From The Snow

A black and white shot from distance.

Saturday brought the first snow storm of the year to central Michigan. Visibility was such that I didn’t feel all that safe braving the roads on my bike, so I headed down to my bike shop to pick up some new winter gloves for a potential ride on Sunday. I had heard that there was a group ride being organized at the Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross race course, so I figured after I picked up my gloves I’d head over to the course with the Fuji X-T10 for some photo.

The “group” turned out to be just two guys: my friends Chris and JB. Oh well, regardless of the small turnout I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to get some shots of folks riding out in the snowy conditions.

JB and Chris looked to be having a blast and I quickly regretted not bringing my bike, however I was pretty happy with a few of the shots and they could have easily replaced some of the shots in the previous “faves of the week” post.

The time I spent shooting in the snow really did wonders to get me stoked for a ride on Sunday, sadly, come Sunday, the roads were filled with standing water and slush from the wet snow and the dirt roads were a quagmire of slushy mud. Thankfully the local county park’s trails were in fine shape and making tracks with a few laps through the snowy woods was just what I needed.

Looking forward to more shots like these throughout the winter.

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