Fave Fotos No. 1


Due to some insane wind and rain, this week has not been the best for riding and shooting. However, I still managed to get a few shots that I dig in. No, they’re not pro-level shots, given that they were taken by someone not a pro, but they are shots I like.

Admittedly a few of the shots were taken road side while driving rural Michigan, which sort of feels like cheating to me since I usually like to “work” for my photos via riding or hiking. The week’s not “officially” over yet, and if I’m lucky I’ll get some shots out in the snow over the next couple days. Yes, I said snow.

Fave Fotos No. 1 Gallery [all photos taken by me, with the Fuji X100S or Fuji X-T10]

Thanks for checking out the pics.

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