Michigan’s Burning


During my Tuesday dirt road ride I rode past yet another dirt road barn/garage that appears to have gone up in flames. It’s always sad to see so much damage and property loss. The only good thing about the two incidents is–from what I can tell–there was no loss of human or livestock life, to the nearby homes.

As far as photos of the damage, I keep a distance, shooting what I can discreetly from the road with the Fujifilm XF 55-200mm lens. I am pretty sure that the property owners would not be thrilled to see some lycra-clad bike nerd traipsing around their loss taking pics because he thinks it makes a good photo.


I am no steampunk nerd, but for some reason steampunk that is the first thing I thought of when I saw the damage pictured above. Wait, does just knowing what steampunk is, make me a steampunk nerd?

Last week, in harsher, less forgiving sunlight, I took the photo of the pickup truck below that fell victim to a large pole barn fire north of town late this summer/early fall (I think).

Warped and burned pickup truck.

Sadly, this was the second time this particular farm suffered a fire. After two fires, they must be starting to question their storage methods, as well as where to find a good price on property insurance.

I sure hope that these fires were just accidents. If there is one thing that riding out on dirt and gravel roads has taught me, it’s that many of these folks work their asses off seven days a week with not a ton to show for it, they do not need to deal with these sorts of things as well.

Best of luck to these folks as they rebuild their structures.


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