What is Junk Miles Media?


What is Junk Miles Media?

Good question.

In this post I will do my best to clue you in on who I am and what I was. I will also attempt to describe what this site is, what it won’t be, and what it might be someday. I will probably ramble a bit, and a lot of what I say about the site will probably change fifty times in the future, so bare with me.

Who I am

My name is Jason Mahokey, I am an avid, dirt worshiping cyclist, one time crap, mid-pack at best endurance mountain bike racer, and a long time cycling blogger. I was also once the publisher and creative director of the late XXC Magazine.

I published eighteen issues of XXC Magazine over five years with the help of some eager freelance writers, talented photographers, and insightful copy editors (whom I often failed to properly listen to). The first few issues of the magazine were pretty crap, but by the end I was happy with how I grew as a designer and with the product I was producing from a Mac in home office.

Sadly, a lack of business experience and expenses left me with nothing other than stress and aggravation by issue eighteen. Then when I found that my long time love of riding my bike was fading quickly, I opted to stop production.

All of that is old muddy water under the two-year old bridge now. The good news is that I found my passion of riding again; the bad news is that for various reasons I have slowed my racing down to nothing (hopefully temporarily).

I don’t ride fast, but I don’t ride slow either; I ride at a “comfortably hard” pace– junk miles. I don’t do intervals, hill repeats or use a power meter. I ride my bike, I take photos and try to have fun doing both, spending roughly eight to ten hours a week or more on my bike with a camera.

I have always rode with a camera, often quickly firing off photos with a point and shoot digital as I rolled along. However, even now with better equipment and a slower pace, I don’t think of myself as a “real” photographer, and hope to not be judged as one for some time. But, since “picture taker” sounds dumb, I have to stick with photographer, my apologies in advance to actual, cash money photographers.


What this site is for now (I think)

I want a place that I can host my photos, some writing and document the culture of riding bikes. Not just people riding and racing bikes, but where bikes take us, the things we see, the people we meet and the things we love.

85% of what’s posted here will feature “unpaved” cycling: mountain, gravel, cross and fat bike riding, racing, adventures, bikepacking and exploring. 5% will be road riding and 5% will feature life off the bike and outdoors shenanigans: hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and goofing off in the woods. The remaining 5% I am keeping open for activities like trail running, kayaking, canoeing and binge drinking.

What this site WON’T be (I hope)

I have no desire for this site to be another XXC Magazine or similar. I wouldn’t mind if any of my creative efforts here lead to some work someday, but the idea of taking on another online “business” to ruin is so not going to happen, at least not from me alone.

This will not be my personal blog, I’ve kept one of those for over ten years and the world does not need two. While it would be nice to sell a pic or two from a race, this will also not be a site to host and sell photos of every racer that rolls by me. I respect the pho-togs that go out and take those pics and give us race memories, but I am hoping to document more of the spirit and stories behind riding and racing bikes.

For a while, the content here will mostly be from what’s happening in my little world: things I see while out riding Michigan dirt roads, goofing off in the woods and riding my mountain bike. Hopefully–for everyone’s sake– in the future that will expand a bit.


What this site might be (someday)

I find that I miss covering races and rides the way I did with XXC Magazine. I’d like to start doing that again in the future, but don’t feel my personal blog is the right place to act as host. I’d like to contribute to the world of cycling again and give mountain, gravel and fat bike racing and riding the attention it deserves. Again, not just events, but the culture of being a cyclist and riding bikes. This might be a place to do it; with my work and possibly the work of some others with similar interests. But again, this is all written in digital sand.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jason Mahokey
Junk Miles Media

P.S. Sorry for the mess, but this site is a work in progress, and I have no time line for anything here.

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