2015 Le Frost Cross Pics


A month or so ago I went out with my friend Mike to grab a beer few beers at the Brass Cafe over in town. Our conversation was pretty typical of our semi-weekly Thursday nights out: bikes, bike rides, bike racing, bike lust, books I never read, movies, left leaning politics, and women [the problems and joys that can come from both having one and not having one]. As we discussed the rides we had independently done that day, Mike added that he spent some time helping to layout the race course for the upcoming cross race in town. “Oh, that’s cool. Wait, what cross race? What town? THIS town??”

I was pretty stoked to hear there was going to be a cross race in town, not because I race cross, but because it’s pretty freaking cool that our small town [Mt. Pleasant, Michigan]– in the middle of rural Michigan–has folks that want to put on a bike race, and that the city itself is open to an event such as Le Frost Cross. Much in the same way that it does with Le Tour de Mont Pleasant and that Alma, Michigan (20 miles south of town) does with The Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross in September.


As a one time, absolute crap endurance mountain bike racer and avid cyclist, I am always happy to hear about new local races sprouting up and happy to have some place close to go practice the work in progress that I call my “photography” (photography in big GIANT air quotes please). It also gives me hope that the pipe dream that is La strade marrone del Michigan might happen yet (I’m mostly joking about that).

Fast forward a few more beers, and a few more Thursday nights at the Brass, and Le Frost Cross had finally arrived. A December day in mid-Michigan could have brought just about any sort of wintertime nastiness that exists. Instead it brought weather that was more akin to mid to late April: temps in the fifties, low hanging clouds, a little bit of rain, and some sad, depressing, Smiths-like misty fog. In other words it was pretty sweet cross weather for the racers, and pretty sweet for someone like me to creep around taking photos of said racers with my friend Ryan while humming Suffer Little Children to myself.


I took two cameras to the race: the Fuji X-T10 with a 55-200mm lens and the Fuji X100s with a tele converter lens. My goal was not to shoot each and every racer, but to get a collection of shots that I personally liked together. The results were hit and miss, but some I really liked. In the end I ended up publishing more than I thought I would–or should have–here.


I was glad to get a few portraits out of the series, and the ones in the gallery below are some of my faves. I was also digging the black and white versions I got and processed way more than I usually do. I also processed quite a few with some dark, muted colors because I thought they brought out the best/worst in the day.

If you like a pic, you SHOULD be able to control/click (on a Mac) the photo to save the image. On a PC I think you might have to get a degree in computer science, write a program, or have an IT person come help you (or possibly right-click, I’m not sure). You are free to use any photo for personal use [Facebook, Twitter, etc.,]. They are not watermarked, but if you wanted to give Jason Mahokey/junkmilesmedia.com a shout out, that would be appreciated. If you would like a larger size for your personal use or want to see a few alternate versions you can also see the Frost Cross album on my Flickr page.

Thank for looking, congrats to all the racers that showed up on a damp December day to race bikes, and to the folks that worked hard to make the event happened. I’m looking forward to Frost Cross 2016.

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