Gallery: Farmhand Fat Bike Race


I finally got around to processing the pics from Saturday’s Brewery Vivant Farmhand Fat Bike Race at the Cannonsburg Ski Area. As I mentioned in my brief post yesterday, the results of my shooting were hit and miss, but I did get some photos I liked, and some that I liked more once I utilized some presets and actions.


As I’ve mentioned here before, I am not a pro photographer (meaning I don’t make any money from this), I don’t shoot every racer that rolls by and I don’t process every image I take. I had a few goals with shooting this race, one of which was practicing my camera panning. I had a few attempts, like the one directly below, that were OK, but I am still trying to get it dialed in.


Another goal was to get some portrait type photos from around the venue of racers, spectators, volunteers, etc. I failed miserably with that goal and the closest thing that I got was a close up of a racer making his way up the tubing hill.


Oh well, it’s called practice for a reason and I did have fun shooting out in the snowy woods. Feel free to check out the gallery below. It is best viewed on your computer or tablet, as the images don’t enlarge that well on a phone. Click on the image for the full-sized photo and to navigate. There are more images in the Flickr album I created which you are free to look at, download and use for your personal use. If you could, I would appreciate if you credited Jason Mahokey/ if you post up on any social media or personal blog. For any other purposes please contact me.

NOTE: I have processed and added a few more photos to the Flickr album.

Thanks for checking them out.

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