Plan B


A planned solo fat bike ride in the woods earlier this week needed to be aborted due to several inches of fresh snow and a lack of recent grooming. Knowing this was a real possibility I threw my snowshoes in the car just in case conditions turned pear shaped; my “Plan B.”


I’m sure glad I did, because it would have been a real shame to waste an opportunity to spend time in the peaceful, wintry woods of Michigan. I saw one other person out breaking trail on classic skis, and another set of snowshoe tracks, but for the two hours I stomped around the woods–carefully avoiding the aforementioned broke trail– it was just me and my thoughts.














It would appear that I can earn my junk miles whether it’s in the saddle of my bike or on foot. I often wonder what other people’s alternate activities are when a planned one fails. Do you ride the trainer, go for a hike, ski, or snowshoe, or do you pour yourself a beer and enjoy a day of drunken laziness (AKA my Plan C, D, and E)? Visit the Junk Miles Media Facebook page if you would like to share.

Thanks for looking.

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