Starting Off The New Year


I started off the first two days of 2016 with back to back fat bike rides. It’s always awesome to start the year off with a ride and ever better to get in two in a row!

On the New Year’s Day group ride I took along the Fuji X100S in a bar mounted feed bag. I’m always a bit self-conscious whipping out a camera on a group ride; you never know who minds, and doesn’t mind, having their photo taken, or if someone in the group may have told their significant other that they were going to be somewhere else. Because of that, I thought the smaller X100S would be the best bet to not freak people out.


Of course one of the best shots I got that day was of the trail’s main care taker and namesake Sally; the one person who probably didn’t want their photo taken given her relative low-key demeanor.


The ride was a blast and a group of twelve had a great time rolling fatties in the woods with excellent trail conditions. As you can see from the photo above, temps got a bit lower than expected and I should have been using an insulated bottle.


On the 2nd I returned for another ride, this time alone and with the X-T10 in a Porcelain Rocket DSLR Slinger. The conditions weren’t as good as the previous day, with a tad more icy corners that had me wishing I would have mounted up the studded tires that morning but still great to be outside, but since I was riding alone I could take my time and stop and shoot as I wanted.


Photos from the two days were hit and miss. I had some luck when I ran into a group of photogenic deer, but the 18-55 lens had me wishing I would have thrown on the 55-200 to get closer and reduce cropping.


The freeze thaw cycle that we’ve been having since has me questioning when I’ll get back outside for a ride. Things in my neck of the woods are pretty filled with hard, chunky snow and ice right now and there is rain forecasted for later in the week. Things could get real messy!


Hoping to learn from some of the mistakes I made from shooting over the two days and start to think about what I want to do with this site and where I might end up shooting next. Thinking of hitting the Inside Out Cross race this coming weekend and/or maybe the Farmhand Fat Bike race on the 16th. Until then I need to also figure out a way to get outside and shoot some photos. I’m pretty sure that shooting photos while running on the treadmill in my basement would be less than exciting for you, and more than a bit dangerous for me.

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