Winter & The In Between


The first of the year brought snow and good fat biking conditions in the woods. That was soon followed by warming temperatures, ice, rain and fog. Trail conditions took a turn for the worse and the dirt roads became covered with mud, ruts and long solid sheets of ice. Not to be deterred from riding altogether I changed my fat bike tires over to the studs and squeezed a couple of rides in. I also was able to get out for quick road ride on my cross bike before another round of snow moved in the night before last.

With fresh snow down and conditions ripe for riding the fatty in the woods, I wanted to share some photos that I took over the past week or riding (and a couple snapped between shoveling sessions) before I headed out for a few laps and some woodsy picture snapping.

Click the image to enlarge and navigate the gallery.

Thanks for looking.

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