Winter Rambling


After a November and December that looked as if winter might be choosing to bypass Michigan, the new year has already brought some decent snow fall. Not enough to satisfy my cross-country skiing friends, not sure there’s ever enough for them, but enough to allow those of us with access to girthly wheeled fat bikes to enjoy riding over snowy fat bike trails in the woods or, in this case, on snow packed dirt roads (also knows as snirt roads) that surround many small towns in rural Michigan like mine.

There were times in the past that I did these sorts of rides on my cross or mountain bike. While doable to a point, those rides also involved some walking, a good deal of cussing, and some black and blue marks from unexpected moments of intimacy with hard packed snow and ice-covered roads. Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve now got hold of a modest fat bike, some studded 45 NRTH Dillinger tires and a growing collection of cold weather gear.  I can’t say I embrace winter now, or thoroughly enjoy creeping over dirt roads like a two-wheeled sloth ensconced in five layers of lycra, wool and Gore-Tex, but I am easily surviving winter, getting outside on my bike, and doing my best to leave the trainer to collect dust in basement.


With all that said and winter finally here, I recently made my way out onto the dirt roads south of town; I stuffed my Fuji X-T10 into the Porcelain Rocket DSLR Slinger (with ghetto-mod foam padding) that’s affixed to my Farley and headed out for a couple of hours of riding and picture takin’. The gallery below is a collection of what I came home with, a collection that highlights much of what you see when you get out riding the dirt roads of rural Michigan in the winter.

Click on the image to see the full sized photo and to navigate the gallery.

Thanks for checking out the work in progress that is my photography. Tomorrow I’ll be making my way to the Brewery Vivant Farmhand Fat Bike Race to try to get a few shots. Stay tuned to the site or to the Junk Miles Facebook page for more info, if anything worthwhile comes from my efforts I’ll be posting them up here in the coming days.

Thanks for reading.

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