Lack of Miles


Farm irrigator waiting for summer. [Fuji X-T10]

Two or three rides a week on the fatty, hiking and some snowshoeing was getting me through the winter just fine. Then we here in central Michigan went into a freeze/thaw/freeze cycle that has us with little snow but lots of slick, rock hard ice just lying in wait to break a coccyx. It’s basically the worst that winter can offer. Because of that–even with studded tires– I’ve been lucky to get one ride a week in lately. Hell, even my last attempt at a hike in the woods of the local county park was thwarted by the heavily used trails being stomped down into a solid sheet of foot print marked ice. [insert drunken sigh here]


An average mid-Michigan snirt (snow & dirt) road. [Canon s95]



White horse munchin’ hay. [Fuji X-T10]

I got out on the snirt roads last week for a couple of hours and got a few shots here and there (as seen above) but the lack of time outdoors has forced me into more mundane searches for photo ops; like walking around our small town. Which I guess technically outdoors, but not the outdoors. Capisce?


Vintage Huffy with extra long brake cable [Fuji X100s]



Wheels through the fence. [Fuji X100s]


24621342230_74dfb1cd68_b (1)

The photo known as Leaning Tires With Bucket. [Fuji X100s]


When not braving the icy dirt roads, or skulking through the back alleys of town, I did find some nature in the form of my local feathered friends; the White-breasted Nuthatch and Black-capped Chickadee. Several of each have been enjoying my backyard bird feeder all winter long and have been more than cooperative in letting me snap some pics of them with the Fujifilm XF 55-200mm lens. It’s the least they could do to make up for that $12 bag of  bird feed.


White-breasted Nuthatch through the snow flurries. [Fuji X-T10]



Playing with ISO, shutter speed & the Black-capped Chickadee. [Fuji X-T10]



A Nuthatch getting nutty with the feeder. [Fuji X-T10]

My mileage on the bike, and on foot, has been limited as of late, but I have still found some ways to scratch that creative itch, an itch that I recently referred to on my other blog as an itch somewhere between jock itch and an STD.

Thanks for looking.

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