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Oh, the Michigan Spring


Last week was an optimal early spring week for getting time on the bike. Sadly, this week has been crap. The weather was rainy, blustery, and cool; riding was limited and time spent indoors “doing stuff” was high. Thankfully on Friday the storms had finally moved out of the area, the high wind warnings receded, and I finally got out on my bike for a ride. A ride in cool 35˚ “spring” temperatures, but a ride nonetheless.

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Off Pavement


Rapid snow melt here in the mid-mitten area means that the dirt and gravel roads have been a soupy nightmare of mud, standing water, pot holes, and ruts; not to mention all singletrack will be off-limits for some time. So, I’ve been sticking to paved loops to get miles in my ghastly, pale, chubby legs. However on my Thursday morning ride, I finally said “enough is enough,” and took a left to get a couple blessed dirt road miles under my “skinny” 40c tires.

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Junk Mile Cars Vol. 1


When I’m out on my bike, stacking up the junk miles, riding the dirt and pavement around my home in central Michigan, I see a ton of old cars, trucks, RVs, and some vehicles that I have no idea what the hell they are. Because I have an oddball love of all things rural, abandoned, old, or just decaying and crap, I of course take the time to snap a photo or two as I roll by. After all, these days I’m usually in no hurry (which is apparent by my waistline and my long gone race fitness), so I might as well snap some pics!

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Few & Far Between


The weather here in Michigan has been sort of psycho the past couple of weeks, and rides outside have been few and far between. Despite heavy snow and wind last week I was able to sneak out for a couple of snow covered dirt road rides.

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