Few & Far Between


The weather here in Michigan has been sort of psycho the past couple of weeks, and rides outside have been few and far between. Despite heavy snow and wind last week I was able to sneak out for a couple of snow covered dirt road rides.

Three days ago I rode in 25˚ temps on snow and ice-covered roads. Yesterday I rode those same roads, but this time the temps were in the mid thirties and the snow was wet, soft, and slow. Today it’s 60˚, sunny, and the dirt roads are turning to a quagmire of slush, mud, water, and horse feces; freaking psycho.


In between watching the snow melt, some work, and packing boxes for a house move in the near future, I made sure my bike was good to go for a paved road ride tomorrow. It’s been fun riding over the snow-covered dirt roads this winter, but I am more than ready for some warmer temps and longer miles.


I’ve finally got around to posting up some of the photos I took during those two rides. All the photos in this post were taken with the Fuji X-T10 using the Fuji XF 55-200mm lens. I’ve been slowly trying to work on my black and white processing. There are a few folks out there I follow that take amazing black and white photos, but I have always struggled with them. For some reason I always crave to see some color. However some of the farm shots I got this week sort of cried out for black and white.








I’m still struggling to find my own black and white style, but it’s fun to keep shooting and messing around until I do. It’s also fun to spend time exploring the work of other photographers for inspiration. Not to copy or mimic a style, but to keep looking for that nudge in the creative direction that I want my black and white photos to be.








I’m looking forward to the coming spring, riding, shooting, and sharing more here. Thanks for checking out the photos.

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