Off Pavement


Rapid snow melt here in the mid-mitten area means that the dirt and gravel roads have been a soupy nightmare of mud, standing water, pot holes, and ruts; not to mention all singletrack will be off-limits for some time. So, I’ve been sticking to paved loops to get miles in my ghastly, pale, chubby legs. However on my Thursday morning ride, I finally said “enough is enough,” and took a left to get a couple blessed dirt road miles under my “skinny” 40c tires.

Thankfully the stretch I chose to raid wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Sure it was muddy, there were a shit-ton potholes circa 1914 Belgium, and my drivetrain took its fair share of gritty, wallet emptying mud, but it felt soooo freaking good to be on dirt.


I got a few decent shots–like the barn above, and a couple of others seen here–from the side of paved roads–but the dirt roads were where I found the most cooperative subjects. Red-winged black birds were out en masse, the cows were up for portraiture, and the geese were out doing those cool things that geese do when they’re not shitting in your local park, or chasing you while you do your lunchtime run.



The ducks I saw were just ducky. There aren’t too many people that have an issue with ducks, other than the broadcasted assault on all forms of basic human intelligence that is that f*cking show Duck Dynasty.


The cows, as always, were my photographical bread and butter. They were there to greet me as I turned off of the pavement onto dirt and were more than cooperative with few shots. I love cows, and I often question why I eat them… until I eat a burger.






My jobless, shell of a man, self has been super lucky to get a few times this week on my bike, and I’ve been even luckier to nab a few OK shots in the process. I stand by the fact that I am not a “real” photographer, but I know what I like when I see it. In this case I am super thankful that I was the one taking the photos.

Things seem to be drying out, so I am hopeful that the weekend will bring more miles and more shutter clicks.

Thanks for looking.

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