Put a Bird On It (Easter ’16 Roll)


A less then stellar shit week of Michigan “spring” weather meant a less than stellar week of riding. Thankfully the snow and ice have now melted, and after a boring ride on pavement on Saturday, I moved on to the tacky mud of the dirt and gravel roads north of town on Easter Sunday.

I took my Fuji X-T10 with me, and what I came home with had me unable to get the Portlandia skit Put a Bird on It! out of my head (for obvious reasons).






After riding through the lifeless, stagnant winter, it’s so nice to roll over the rural dirt roads and see all activity from roadside wildlife and farm animals, including the cacophony of noise being produced by all the frogs who are now awake from their frozen slumber. Sadly, soon enough, those same dirt roads will be littered with the carcasses of frogs who couldn’t outrun the farming traffic as they made a dash for better living conditions. #FrogsLivesMatter.

Looking forward to more miles this spring and more time with my camera.

Thanks for checking out the photos.

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