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The Struggle is Real, Sort Of


Ever since the X-T10 had to be sent into Fuji to not be repaired under warranty (thanks for nothing Fuji), I’ve been using the X100s for most of my ride photos. The 100s is a great camera, but I’m very used to using a zoom to capture life out on the dirt roads, and I struggle with the fixed lens of the X100s. Despite the struggle, and missing out on more than a few shots over the past couple weeks, I managed to get a few photos that I don’t completely hate. Here’s a look at a few.

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Not As Planned

A couple of weeks ago I talked a good game about how with my Fuji X-T10 in for repair (see below for more on that drama), I would attempt to use the Fuji X100s to shoot some soccer. Well, that didn’t turn out as planned, because unlike shooting cycling, where you can let the action come to you, or in some cases position yourself so your are as close as possible to the action, you really can’t do that with soccer. If the action doesn’t come to your spectating area,  you’re S.O.L. This was the case over a recent three game tournament weekend, where I walked away with pretty much nothing worthwhile. However I did manage a couple of shots of some unknown swimmers jumping off the pier in Petoskey, Michigan.

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The MJU II Project No. 5

Over the past year or so I’ve been conducting a 35mm point and shoot film experiment with three different cameras (four if you count the one Olympus MJU II that I broke trying to fix a light leak issue: The Olympus Stylus Epic (also known as MJU II), the Holga 135, and the Nikon AF3 One•Touch. The Stylus Epic and the AF3 are known for their 2.8 lenses, and the Holga is just known for being the Holga (crap, but fun).

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