Not As Planned

A couple of weeks ago I talked a good game about how with my Fuji X-T10 in for repair (see below for more on that drama), I would attempt to use the Fuji X100s to shoot some soccer. Well, that didn’t turn out as planned, because unlike shooting cycling, where you can let the action come to you, or in some cases position yourself so your are as close as possible to the action, you really can’t do that with soccer. If the action doesn’t come to your spectating area,  you’re S.O.L. This was the case over a recent three game tournament weekend, where I walked away with pretty much nothing worthwhile. However I did manage a couple of shots of some unknown swimmers jumping off the pier in Petoskey, Michigan.




This really wasn’t what I had in mind for the weekend, but I guess I did get some action shots with the X100s. In the end though, all I really did was find myself missing my X-T10 and/or a DSLR with a zoom. Sigh.

About my Fuji X-T10…

Well, a couple of weeks ago during a ride it stopped working. I thought it was a dead battery, but it was worse. I contacted Fuji and it was to be sent in for a repair, hopefully under warranty. Several days after they received it, I still hadn’t heard anything, so I contacted them again. They pulled up my file and said that they couldn’t repair it, it needed to be replaced and it was not covered by warranty because it was fried from water damage and also had a ton of corrosion. WHAT??? I explained that the camera had never been wet, dropped in water, etc., but they insisted, and had photos to back it up. I was beyond gutted and the only thing I can figure out is that because I use it in extremely hot/cold condition on occasion, condensation occurred after going from the cold into the heat/heat into the cold.

Totally stressed out I contacted Square Trade about my extended warranty coverage, and they were super cool about it and said to get my camera back from Fuji, contact them again, send it in and they will replace it. That made me feel MUCH better. Sadly, it seems that Fuji is in no hurry to return my camera and I continue to be without a proper camera. I am happy to eventually be having the camera replaced, but I am less than thrilled with Fuji right now, especially with the lack of communication regarding the camera. I’ve receive no shipping notification, no tracking, no nothing. I’m just supposed to sit and wait for a broken camera to appear on my doorstop from an unknown carrier. I’ve loved the X-T10, but I would be lying if I said that I don’t plan on returning to something a bit more rugged for my use, and something not a Fuji. Unless I don’t.

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