The Fuji X100s For Sports, Really

Last Friday while I out riding dirt roads, my favorite camera (the Fuji X-T10) broke. Not in pieces, but for some reason the shutter stuck and it would not power off and on, and needed to be sent back to Fuji for a warranty repair. There was much sadness.

Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but in three days we leave for a weekend soccer tournament that my son is playing in. He’ll be playing a minimum of three games over two days, and I’ll be there without a camera. Well, at least my favorite camera, and its 200mm zoom lens I use to shoot soccer with.


Shooting soccer with the Fuji X-T10.

There are some that say the the X-T10 isn’t a great camera for shooting sports. I don’t totally agree with that, but admit that the 55mm-200mm F3.5-4.8 lens can be sluggish to focus at times, or at least focus on what I want it to, but for the most part the camera does a good job for my purposes. Not to mention I’m sure there is some user error in there.

As I look to push my sports shooting (soccer and cycling mostly), and what I plan to do with this website,  I’ve been eager to pick up a dedicated DSLR to save for sporting events. I’m pretty keen on the Nikon D7100 body and NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (mostly for outdoors), and as I wallowed over the loss of my X-T10 for the week I almost made a B&H Photo panic buy (thank God for B&H being closed for the Shavuos holiday!!). However until we close on the selling of our old house at the end of July, and I sell some other bike and camera gear laying around, spending $1,500+ is just not going to happen.

I thought about renting a X-T10 camera body for the weekend, but I missed my reservation and shipping window, and it wouldn’t arrive until next week, so my wallowing, camera-less depression continued. What camera can I use to capture the upcoming weekend of soccer?? My old, tiny little Canon s95? That would be fine for some candid shots around the field and with friends at the condo, but not for the action. My Fuji X100s? Ha, if (some) people think the X-T10 is hard to use for sports, those same people would surely laugh their heads off at me using an X100s!


Then the more I thought about it, I realized I have used the X100s for sports, and with some pretty good results! Great? Well, that’s debatable, but some shots I really liked, and if XXC Magazine was still up and running, I would have to qualms about using some of them.

With that, I started going through my photos and found that I actually took quite a few with the X100s, using it as backup to the X-T10 with the tele conversion lens on, or for when I wanted a wider shot, or the action was too close for the 55-200mm lens.

I’m glad I went through all those old files, because now instead of sulking about not having a camera for the coming weekend, I am looking forward to the challenge of shooting some soccer with the Fuji X100s. Hopefully I have some pics worth posting next week!

Below are some of my favorite action shots with the X100s, thanks for looking.

















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