Testing Part Two


I am a big fan of the Fuji X series mirrorless cameras, however I was less than thrilled when my X-T10 died after just nine months of use. To make a very long story short, I ended up with a new one from Fuji. Not because they wanted to give me one, but because they sent me one by accident and threw mine away. I still plan on using the Fuji stuff, and hope to sell some stuff (my X100s and X-T10) to get an X-T2 in the future, but I wanted to add a DSLR back into the collection.

I recently picked up a Nikon D7100k kit. After seeing its size and girth compared to my X-T10 I nearly sent it back. But then as I tend to do, I changed my mind, kept it and commenced shooting with it. The photos below were taken over my first few days with the D7100 as I rode dirt roads, hung out around the house, and tested the camera out at local softball tournament while shooting through a metal fence.

Thanks for looking.


Cue up Red Barchetta by Rush here.



Another cow portrait.



Shapes, colors, and lines.



Lone tree in a sea of beans.



One of my favorite dirt road hump shacks.



Turtle just before I moved him off the road.



Silo without a barn.



Bell’s Poolside Ale, very refreshing indeed.



Song Sparrow shot through screen door.



Catcher portrait with heavy contrast.



Starting her swing early.



Fast pitch wind up.


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