But First, Soccer


I need to do a lot of catchup with my ride photos here on JMM, but first I wanted to put up some pics from the recent week of shooting football, er, I mean soccer, with the Nikon D7100.

Note: This is not a camera review, just personal experiences. I am not a pro, just a guy who likes to take photos.

One of the main reasons I picked up a Nikon D7100 was to photograph my son’s soccer matches. While I love my Fuji X-T10, the autofocus for action sports was a bit all over the place. There were just too many throw aways to make it a viable option for me. I’m sure there was some user error here and there, but I wanted something with a faster, more accurate AF.

I had previously tested out the 7100’s AF at a local softball tournament, and was immediately happy with the results. However, shooting football would be the real test for the AF since in football, the players are nearly constantly moving.

I was anxious to shoot some footy, so I lugged the Nikon with me to a season kickoff event at my son’s soccer club last week where the boys played some inter-club scrimmages. I have to say, I was VERY pleased with the D7100’s continuous AF tracking! In the past with my old Nikon D3200 and with the Fuji, I would often miss shots, the AF catching background subjects rather than the players. The first thing I noticed during processing the pics from last Thursday night, was how few photos I trashed due to the poor AF. This time, most were trashed because I am a just a poor “picture taker” who is learning as I go.


I shot a good deal that night, mostly using the 18-200mm lens, and came home happy with the results. I was now even more anxious for the coming weekend’s tournament. It would be my son’s first real matches with his new club, and my first real matches with the D7100. Happy to say that the club, my boy, and my camera all did great!

I used the 55-300mm kit lens to shoot almost everything over the weekend. It’s not the greatest lens in the world, but I wanted the extra reach, especially now that B is playing on a full-sized pitch.




I have to say shooting a match in which your kid is playing is hard. I want to see the match, but also get some shots of him as well. As per usual, some of my best shots were of other people’s kids, and I failed to get any shots of B’s two goals over the weekend!




Along with the action shots, I also tried to get some portrait type shots. While not always successful, I was happy with a few of them.




The last portrait of B with the 18-200 is probably my fave, not because it’s the greatest photo in the world, but because it is of my favorite subject, and the happiness on his face at just winning the tournament final is apparent as he gets a pat on the back from a teammate.



The final shot here is not from any of B’s games, but from a ladies match that was going on prior to one of B’s. The photo turned out to be one of my favorite (non-B) images from the weekend. I’ve looked at it in color and black and white, and ultimately decided that it works best in black and white.



I added this one in too, of #00 getting ready to punt a clearance. This was another one that sort of worked in color, but I preferred in black and white.


I’m looking forward to many more matches in the coming months, and trying to get better at shooting the action.

Thanks for looking.

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