Mind Changing Heat


I recently hatched a plan to sell off my X-T10 body in hopes of gathering enough coin to invest in a weather sealed Fuji X-T2 this fall when I suddenly changed my mind. It seemed like a great idea, and I was just about ready to put the X-T1o on eBay when I suddenly changed my mind. One big reason was that even if I sold the X-T10, there would still be hundred of dollars to make up, and I think I’ve spent enough of camera gear the past few months. I also saw that I my drops and spills replacement warranty lasts until 2018, why not just use the crap out of the X-T10, if it goes again, I have the D7100 to use until I get the replacement.

Another reason I have decided to keep the X-T10 is its size. The body is about the same size as my recently sold Fuji X100s was. Adding the 18-55 or the huge 55-200 lens of course increases that, but adding a 27mm f/2.8 would make it a great carry around camera, and basically like the X100t with the option to change lenses. Of course I think I would opt for the 35mm f/1.4.


In the time since that decision, I still find myself still opting for the D7100, especially since I recently got my grubby hands on a used Nikkor 18-200mm lens; a lens that allows me a greater range of options from wide to zoom, and is nearly perfect for my riding and shooting habit. Nearly, because in a perfect world I would have got the 300mm, but 95% of the time, 200 is just fine. Well, that and I couldn’t find an 18-300 3.5 used and in great condition like I did with the 200mm. Works for me!


With that creative and financial decision off my mind, I’ve been braving the unusually HOT Michigan summer heat to stack up more junk miles and more mega pixels. What you see in this post is some of what I captured over the past week or so with the Nikon D7100. I’m sure there will be more from the X-T10 again soon.

Thanks for looking.








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