Best Made Plans

Back in June my Fuji X-T10 crapped out on me. I mentioned that drama before but for those new to the site, will repeat that the short of it all is that Fuji said the X-T10 had water damage, I said it had never been wet, they said they wouldn’t warranty it, I said fine, send it back SquareTrade said they will replace it. Then they accidentally sent me a replacement X-T10 back.

After I straightened everything out with Fuji, making sure they were aware of their mistake, and them telling me to keep it because it was their mistake and my old one would have been tossed out by now, my plan was to sell it immediately and buy a used weather resistant X-T1 (to be on the safe side), or put the cash towards the just released X-T2.

Then I changed my mind, figuring I would just use it as long as I could, and if broke again I always had my SquareTrade plan to bail me out. Well, the X-T10 broke–AGAIN!


First, the truth–I did indeed take it on a ride and get caught in a rain storm. BUT! It did not get wet, and as soon as it started raining it was put away in a ZipLoc bag and then zipped up inside my handlebar bag. When I got home it was bone dry and all seemed well. I continued to used it for a few more rides. Then one morning as I bent over to take a photo of a flower along a dirt road, the electronic view finder froze, then went black. Fried again. But how?? Why?? The ONLY think that I can come up with is that despite my best care to not get it wet from rain or snow, it perhaps gets wet from sweat dripping off my forehead and into the camera. That is the only thing I can come up with of how it gets water damaged.

In any event, it’s currently being fixed or replaced by SquareTrade, and this time I will be selling it immediately and picking up a used X-T1. I have been riding and shooting photos with camera of various sizes and makes for years, and have never had such a problem with a model, I know it’s not a weather resistant body, but other than my Nikon, I’ve never used one that was weather resistant!

The worst part is, I LOVE the results that Fuji gives! I’ve grown to really like the Nikon D7100 for sports and action, but for my everyday riding and shooting, I love the look of the Fuji files, I just can’t seem to keep one healthy! I also love the Fuji lenses. For most of what I shoot they produce way better images than any of the Nikon lenses I can afford do. Sigh…

UPDATE: As expected, the X-T10 can not be fixed. SquareTrade is sending me a check to cover the camera, which will allow me to purchase a new X-T1 (or save for a X-T2), and another extended warranty of course!!

The top two photos in this post were taken with my now departed X-T10, the rest that follow are from my Nikon D7100.

Thanks for reading my rant, and for looking.














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