Late Summer

Sunny Dirt Road

From what I hear, today is the last day of summer. Boo!

Due to some back and hip issues, Summer 2016 didn’t deliver the riding I had planned on, but I’m hopeful that through the fall and winter I will continue to improve, longer rides will become the norm again, weight loss will happen, and by next spring things will be back to normal in my cycling world.

While lengthy rides escaped me this summer, I still rode. Some rides were better than others; some rides were longer than others, but one constant was that I had a camera with me. Something that has brought new meaning to my riding and my accumulation of junk miles.

Riding four to five times a week or more, I went through two Fuji X-T10 bodies (one warrantied by Fuji my mistake (oops!), one warrantied via Square Trade), broke two rear wheels on my cross bike, had my Garmin 500 peter out, tore the ass out of one pair of bibs, sold my Fuji x100S, picked up a Nikon D7100, and replaced the X-T10 for good, via my Square Trade warranty, with a weather sealed X-T1.

Harvest Ready Corn

Corn ready for harvest.

Even with lower end lenses, the D7100 has proved invaluable for capturing soccer, with a fast accurate autofocus system that has easily boosted my keeper shots by at least 70%! I’d love to see what the thing could do with some of the higher end lenses someday!


B avoiding the oncoming tackle with a leap.

Having said that, for my everyday shooting on the bike, I find that the Fuji X cameras are my faves to shoot. I’ve only had the X-T1 for a couple of days now, and only have one ride in with it, but I am looking forward to shooting with it as the months go on. Just in case though, I picked up another extended warranty!

The shots in this post are from the past few weeks on and off the bike. Most are shot with the Nikon D7100, but a few are shot with the X-T1 which I have noted.

Looking forward to the coming fall, and chances to shoot more. Thanks for looking.

Chickadee At Feeder

Black capped chickadee feeding on the deck.


Playing a through ball.


Cows Eating

Lunch time hay feed.


Dirt Road Mouser

Beautiful farm cat.


Catipillar on Dirt Roads

Fuzzy caterpillar shot with the Fuji X-T1.



Soy beans near harvest shot with the Fuji X-T1.


Bee on Flower

Bee getting everything it can from the end of summer. Shot with the Fuji X-T1.

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