The Week’s Remains


After two gravel road rides early last week, I got out for a few more at the tail end of the week. I alternated between using the Fuji X-T1 and the Nikon D7100. Here’s a look at what I shot. Thanks for looking.


Thursday I passed this barn south of town, and saw a bashful mule in the doorway. It was having none of coming out, but more than happy to let me include it in the photo taken with the D7100.



This time of year there are a ton of geese about. I was trying to get some shots of a huge gaggle along the road with the D7100 when they decided it was time to move on. I ended up liking this shot more than any of the ones of them in the field. It’s not a great shot, but I like it.



Some Christmas balled dirt road brush. [Fuji X-T1]



When I first shot this photos I saw two wild turkeys in the field, once I got home and saw it in Lightroom, I realized there were actually four. Can’t help but think there may be even more that I couldn’t see. [Fuji X-T1]



Custom road sign along a dirt road. [Fuji X-T1]



Admittedly, I am more like a cow (slow, dimwitted, & destined for a cruel end), but horses are super fun to photograph. These two horses were more than happy to come say hello, and let me take some crap photos of them. Thank your horses. [Nikon D7100]



Every ride brings more and more fall color. [Fuji X-T1]



I take way too many photos of these things, but there was something about all the shapes in lines here that caught my eye. [Nikon D7100]



I returned to the roads south of town on Saturday with the Fuji X-T1 and visited the bashful mule again. It still refused to leave the barn, but I was able to snag a couple pics of it, and of his cousin the horse. The one below with the mule blurred in the background is one of my fave recent photos.




Keeping alert in all directions. [Fuji XT1]



The harvest continues to go down in rural Michigan. [Fuji X-T1]



Wagons in the field awaiting another load of soy beans. [Fuji X-T1]



Junked trucks hauling junk nowhere fast. [Fuji X-T1]


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