Frost Cross ’16 Part 1


Frost Cross ’16 Part 1, The Black and Whites

Last weekend was the second edition of the late season Frost Cross cyclocross race in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Being that I live within walking distance of the venue in Mt. Pleasant it was sort of a no-brainer to take a couple hours to walk over and shoot some (amateur) photos at the race.

I wasn’t there for all the races, nor did I try to shoot every racer, when I shoot photos at races I like to walk the course, take some shots here, take some shots there, and see what I like. A few of the shots I got on Saturday I liked better in black and white and this post will highlight those shots. I utilized both my Nikon D7100 and Fuji X-T1 at the race, both are good cameras, but I have to say, if the X-T1 had a faster, more consistent auto focus I would use it exclusively. I love the results from the Fuji gear.

Here are some of the black and white shots from the day, I’ll have another post soon with more shots from the day. If you are a racer in one of the pics, feel free to download for your personal use. Thanks for looking.

Note: These represent just a few of the photos I captured at the race. All the 2016 Frost Cross photos will soon on the Junk Miles Facebook page for your personal downloading and tagging pleasures. Check it out and give us a like.










Check out Part II of the Frost Cross images here.

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