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The debate in my head of what exactly Junk Miles and is, and could be, continues to rage on. However I’ve come to realize over the past year or more that I enjoy sharing the photos I take, and needed another outlet for it. This website allows me to do that, but I will always be a sucker for holding a printed piece in my hands. So I’ve published a softbound photo book.

Over the past three months I’ve experimented with a variety of options… a small 6″ x 6″ softbound book (too small with OK quality), hard bound photo books (stunningly beautiful, but the cost is way too much), and finally with a softbound 8″ x 8″ book.

This 8″ x 8″ 60 page photo zine printed by MagCloud/Blurb with perfect binding, features 60 full color and black and white photos, and is printed on 80# text stock (with 80# cover stock). My past experience with MagCloud was good, but I was often a slave to what photos I could get my hands on for a story, with varying resolution qualities. Sometimes I was less than thrilled with the results. This time with access to full rez photos, I’ve been very pleased, and am happy to be able to share this photo book.

This is more a photo zine than traditional magazine, and it will not be offered in digital formats. Some of you may be familiar with a cycling publication that I published a few years back called XXC Magazine. This is not another XXC, it’s not really even a magazine, and not dedicated to cycling alone. The following excerpt from my Junk Miles Volume I introduction sums it up…

A large portion of the photos I take are captured while riding my bike or attending cycling races and events, however this is not a cycling publication per se. These pages will show my view of the world as I ride, walk, and hike through it, as well as images from a variety of sporting events viewed as an interested spectator who also just happens to be taking photos.

This first volume features a variety of photos taken while riding my bike through the back roads of rural Michigan over the past year or so. I have plans for future volumes that will focus on some race photography and other outdoor events and adventures, but I make no promises to their release dates.

Right now Junk Miles is an ongoing personal photography project, with the goals of furthering my photography and creativity. What happens in the future remains to be seen.

For anyone interested in obtaining a copy, more information on pricing and how to purchase will be available in the menu bar above in the near future.

Thanks for looking.

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