Saved With Black & White?

Over the past two weeks, I made the 20-minute drive south to Alma, Michigan to shoots some photos at the Thursday Night Alma Mountain Bike Time Trial. For most of the first race I had some success, finding a spot in the woods with enough light to capture the action without getting too high in the ISO department. A week later I was not so lucky. I tried a different location and found myself fighting with the light (and the mosquitos) and shooting at a super high ISO. It felt like a huge waste of my time.

When I got home and saw the high ISO noise I was less than thrilled. Then I started playing around with the shots in black and white, processing them the way I’ve grown accustomed to processing my black and white shots, and I started to dig them. Listen, I’m not saying that I made a shit shot into gold–it’s either a good photo or it’s not–but looking back on my days doing page design for XXC Magazine, I got some images to the point that I was happy with the look of them and would totally use them for editorial purposes. Great photos? Probably not. Photos I dig? Yeah.

As you may or may not have seen here on the site,  I’ve played with black and white in the past. Some of my favorite shots were from 2016’s Frost Cross race and Fat Bike Nationals in January 2017. 

The photo above was taken a the Alma TT on July 20th with the Nikon D500 and the Sigma 70/200 f/2.8. The photos below were taken at the Alma TT on July 27th with the Nikon D500 and the Sigma 17/50 f/2.8.

Thank for looking.





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