Starting Again

Does soccer really ever end? Fall season, tournaments, winter training, spring season, state cup, tournaments, tryouts, a month off. Then practices, tournaments, new season…  To answer my own question–not really.

Don’t take the above statement as a complaint. My son loves playing for his club, and as a parent of a soon to be 8th grader (yikes!!), I am more than happy that he spends his time practicing, playing, and hanging out with like-minded teammates, helping him to avoid some of the many emotional pitfalls that adolescence and junior high can bring. He still finds time for school, friends, and to just goof off and be a regular ol’ thirteen-year-old too, but the fitness, life lessons, and confidence he gets from playing soccer are worth every penny we spend and all the miles we drive through the year.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t get something out of it too; The chance to talk (when he’s not sleeping or listing to Drake) and spend time with him 2+ hours a week as we drive to and from practice is fun, I get to bask is proud dad moments almost weekly, I love watching soccer, and I have yet another excuse to take more photos!

Last weekend brought B’s first tournament of the 2017/18 season. As usual, I took a crap ton of photos of the team over the four games played and posted them for the parents. Taking photos of the team during games helps me to learn and improve as a photographer, not to mention the more I concentrate on taking photos of the action the less likely I am to become one of those parents shouting out pointless–most likely wrong–instructions to their kid from the touchline or screaming at the ref because they think their son’s U14 match will decide the fate of the free world. Thankfully our team is void of much of that, but I still feel it best to just roam the touchline with my camera trying to get some pics of the boys.

Most of the game photos I take are action photos, but the two photos below were my faves from this weekend. One was taken during pre-match warm ups on a wet, foggy Sunday morning and the other was B resting before the championship match later that afternoon. By the way, they won, yeah!

Thanks for looking.



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