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I’ve been living in mid-Michigan for a hair under seven years now. In that time I have ridden thousands of miles of dirt and gravel roads on my bike. I have also passed a certain abandoned home and farmstead many times and over that time I have taken a number of photos of the home, the barn, and the various vehicles that litter the surrounding property.

However, it’s only been recently that I was able to get closer. The combination of the barbed wire fence coming down, and talking to some nearby locals about the property’s owner made getting closer to photograph the structures easier and less risky.

Now as the summer comes to an end it appears that someone, most likely a new land owner, is getting ready to rid the land of the home and all the old cars and trucks on it. Because of that, I became more motivated to capture as many images as I could from the property before it’s just another corn field.

Most of the slides below were taken over the past few months with a Nikon D500, except for the last five images which were taken a few years ago with a Canon s95 . I would have loved to have got more from the inside of the home but the floor looked pretty sketchy and I am not the lightest guy on earth, so I just poked my head in to take a look. Better safe than sorry.

Many of the photos are close ups of the vehicles or part of the home that I found of interest. Some were taken before the vehicles were dragged closer to the road for eventual removal and some were shot prior.

I am going to miss riding by this old farm, but I am grateful for the chance to get these photos.

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An outside view of the old home.


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