Mid-Week Photo Dump

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings I got out to ride the dirt and gravel roads of mid-Michigan with my camera. While the mileage only combined for around 60 miles, I had a great time shooting.

I’ve been gathering up some gear to sell, and some of it I wanted to use again just to see if I REALLY want to list them for sale. On Wednesday I rode with the Nikon D500 (so not for sale) and an old 55-300mm kit lens that I have. Then on Thursday, I rode with my old Nikon D7100 (probably for sale) and the 18-200 lens (not for sale, yet). 

What I learned was this: I love the Nikon D500 and couldn’t be happier with it, and the 55-300 kit lens is not very good, but on occasion, I get some pretty good results, it just wouldn’t be my first choice anymore. I also learned that while the D7100 is not quite as good as the D500 it is a sweet camera and I really dig its smaller size. Lots to decide.

While I debate the merits of my gear and what I want to sell to free up some cash (probably for something else!), here’s a look at what I shot over the two days. The first half (up until the janky cobbled together truck for sale) was shot with the aforementioned D500/55-300mm combo, the rest with the D7100/18-200mm combo.

Thanks for looking.


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