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Late Summer

Sunny Dirt Road

From what I hear, today is the last day of summer. Boo!

Due to some back and hip issues, Summer 2016 didn’t deliver the riding I had planned on, but I’m hopeful that through the fall and winter I will continue to improve, longer rides will become the norm again, weight loss will happen, and by next spring things will be back to normal in my cycling world.

While lengthy rides escaped me this summer, I still rode. Some rides were better than others; some rides were longer than others, but one constant was that I had a camera with me. Something that has brought new meaning to my riding and my accumulation of junk miles.

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Best Made Plans

Back in June my Fuji X-T10 crapped out on me. I mentioned that drama before but for those new to the site, will repeat that the short of it all is that Fuji said the X-T10 had water damage, I said it had never been wet, they said they wouldn’t warranty it, I said fine, send it back SquareTrade said they will replace it. Then they accidentally sent me a replacement X-T10 back.

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Oh, the Michigan Spring


Last week was an optimal early spring week for getting time on the bike. Sadly, this week has been crap. The weather was rainy, blustery, and cool; riding was limited and time spent indoors “doing stuff” was high. Thankfully on Friday the storms had finally moved out of the area, the high wind warnings receded, and I finally got out on my bike for a ride. A ride in cool 35˚ “spring” temperatures, but a ride nonetheless.

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Quick Update: Farmhand Fat Bike Race


Yesterday I drove down to take in some of the 2016 Brewery Vivant Farmhand Fat Bike Race and snap a few photos. My photos were hit and miss, with some of them being downright crap, but I managed to get a few shots that I dig. The JPEG version of Men’s Solo winner Bradley White (seen above) was one of my faves.

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Winter & The In Between


The first of the year brought snow and good fat biking conditions in the woods. That was soon followed by warming temperatures, ice, rain and fog. Trail conditions took a turn for the worse and the dirt roads became covered with mud, ruts and long solid sheets of ice. Not to be deterred from riding altogether I changed my fat bike tires over to the studs and squeezed a couple of rides in. I also was able to get out for quick road ride on my cross bike before another round of snow moved in the night before last.

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Fave Fotos No. 2


With the Christmas holiday behind us now and the new year coming up, it’s time to start thinking about the direction that I want to take this site, as well as improving my “picture taking.” That may take some time–and a few beers–to figure out, but in the meantime I’m going to post some of my favorite photos from the last month or so.

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Urban Walkabout: Braddock, PA

A shot of the mill on the way into town.

The following is not something that you’ll see often here on Junk Miles Media, but I wanted to share it. There are no bikes, hikes, mountains, wildlife or woods to be seen. Instead you have a look at an urban walkabout I did in Braddock, Pennsylvania over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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