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The First Week


I got in a full week of riding and shooting with the Fuji X-T1 that has replaced (thank you SquareTrade!) the X-T10. There’s not too much different, so it was pretty easy to start shooting with, and overall I’m really happy with it. I even shot some of my son’s soccer match on Sunday with it, knowing full well that the X-T1’s autofocus would not be on par with my Nikon D7100. Having said that, I did get some good shots, and the Fuji lenses yield much better results than the lower end Nikon telephoto lenses I have.

Here’s a look at some of what I shot over the week. Thanks for looking.

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Best Made Plans

Back in June my Fuji X-T10 crapped out on me. I mentioned that drama before but for those new to the site, will repeat that the short of it all is that Fuji said the X-T10 had water damage, I said it had never been wet, they said they wouldn’t warranty it, I said fine, send it back SquareTrade said they will replace it. Then they accidentally sent me a replacement X-T10 back.

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Junk Steps


As you may or may not know from reading some of my posts here, or from my crap personal blog, I’ve been dealing with some back issues over the past five months that has made mountain biking less than fun. I could bore you at length about the issue, but I won’t, I’ll just say that last week I was craving time in the woods, and figured that a hike at our local county park might be a better option, and easier on my back, than riding my mountain bike, so off I went.

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Mind Changing Heat


I recently hatched a plan to sell off my X-T10 body in hopes of gathering enough coin to invest in a weather sealed Fuji X-T2 this fall when I suddenly changed my mind. It seemed like a great idea, and I was just about ready to put the X-T1o on eBay when I suddenly changed my mind. One big reason was that even if I sold the X-T10, there would still be hundred of dollars to make up, and I think I’ve spent enough of camera gear the past few months. I also saw that I my drops and spills replacement warranty lasts until 2018, why not just use the crap out of the X-T10, if it goes again, I have the D7100 to use until I get the replacement.

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Summer Riding


This spring and summer has been a busy one for me and my family. There’s been soccer tournaments, tryouts, and camps for my son. We bought a home, sold a home, and moved. I’ve been going to physical therapy two to three times a week in the attempt to conquer an ongoing hip and back issue, and still trying to squeeze some rides in, mostly on Michigan dirt roads. I’ve also been trying to shoot some photos nearly every day (with varying degrees of success).

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Making Up


I had a less than stellar mountain bike ride in the woods on Saturday, so I made up for that with a 30 mile dirt road ride through the Michigan countryside on Sunday. It was one of those rides that everything seemed to come together: weather, bike, legs, and camera. I wouldn’t say I had the best ride in the world, nor did I get the best images in the world, but I did enjoy every mile and every click of the shutter, so I guess there’s something to be said for that.

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Testing Part Two


I am a big fan of the Fuji X series mirrorless cameras, however I was less than thrilled when my X-T10 died after just nine months of use. To make a very long story short, I ended up with a new one from Fuji. Not because they wanted to give me one, but because they sent me one by accident and threw mine away. I still plan on using the Fuji stuff, and hope to sell some stuff (my X100s and X-T10) to get an X-T2 in the future, but I wanted to add a DSLR back into the collection.

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How do you test out a new camera? For me it’s alway to find the best model I can–Jake (the dog). After nearly sending it back due to its size, I’m pretty keen on the Nikon D7100.

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The Struggle is Real, Sort Of


Ever since the X-T10 had to be sent into Fuji to not be repaired under warranty (thanks for nothing Fuji), I’ve been using the X100s for most of my ride photos. The 100s is a great camera, but I’m very used to using a zoom to capture life out on the dirt roads, and I struggle with the fixed lens of the X100s. Despite the struggle, and missing out on more than a few shots over the past couple weeks, I managed to get a few photos that I don’t completely hate. Here’s a look at a few.

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Not As Planned

A couple of weeks ago I talked a good game about how with my Fuji X-T10 in for repair (see below for more on that drama), I would attempt to use the Fuji X100s to shoot some soccer. Well, that didn’t turn out as planned, because unlike shooting cycling, where you can let the action come to you, or in some cases position yourself so your are as close as possible to the action, you really can’t do that with soccer. If the action doesn’t come to your spectating area,  you’re S.O.L. This was the case over a recent three game tournament weekend, where I walked away with pretty much nothing worthwhile. However I did manage a couple of shots of some unknown swimmers jumping off the pier in Petoskey, Michigan.

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