Junk Miles Photo Book

Junk Miles Volume One

Junk Miles Volume One is an 8″ x 8″ 60 page softbound photo book featuring 60 full color and black and white photos captured while cycling through the back roads of rural Michigan.

Some of you may be familiar with a cycling publication that I published a few years back called XXC Magazine, this is not another XXC. This is not a really a traditional magazine, it’s more of a photo book/zine. It’s not even dedicated to cycling alone. The following excerpt from my Junk Miles, Volume One introduction sums up what this, and future volumes, will feature…

A large portion of the photos I take are captured while riding my bike or attending cycling races and events, however this is not a cycling publication per se. These pages will show my view of the world as I ride, walk, and hike through it, as well as images from a variety of sporting events viewed as an interested spectator who also just happens to be taking photos.

For more on what this publication is/isn’t see this recent blog post.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy the photos.

Jason Mahokey

Junk Miles, Volume One
Published: February 2017
8″ x 8″
Soft cover
60 pages featuring 60 full color and black and white photos.
Printed on 80# cover/text stock
$20 at MagCloud.com*

*Note: This publication is not shipped from Junk Miles Media. All payments, shipping and handling are handled via MagCloud.com.

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