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Abandoned Images

I’ve been living in mid-Michigan for a hair under seven years now. In that time I have ridden thousands of miles of dirt and gravel roads on my bike. I have also passed a certain abandoned home and farmstead many times and over that time I have taken a number of photos of the home, the barn, and the various vehicles that litter the surrounding property.

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Junk Mile Cars Vol. 1


When I’m out on my bike, stacking up the junk miles, riding the dirt and pavement around my home in central Michigan, I see a ton of old cars, trucks, RVs, and some vehicles that I have no idea what the hell they are. Because I have an oddball love of all things rural, abandoned, old, or just decaying and crap, I of course take the time to snap a photo or two as I roll by. After all, these days I’m usually in no hurry (which is apparent by my waistline and my long gone race fitness), so I might as well snap some pics!

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