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Catch Up Photo Dump

Between trying to get miles in, getting sick for a few days, and a hectic free-time schedule filled with driving around Michigan for my boy’s soccer games and practices, there has been little time to update here. So with that said, here’s a quick update of some of of my favorite photos from the past few weeks.

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Tree Portraits


Wednesday I was jonzing to get out on the bike in the morning, however a winter storm was barreling down on Michigan and I didn’t want to get caught out in it. Instead I opted to attempt hiking in the woods. No big deal, right?

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Urban Walkabout: Braddock, PA

A shot of the mill on the way into town.

The following is not something that you’ll see often here on Junk Miles Media, but I wanted to share it. There are no bikes, hikes, mountains, wildlife or woods to be seen. Instead you have a look at an urban walkabout I did in Braddock, Pennsylvania over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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