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A Wetland Walk

My son had to help out with a coaching clinic that his soccer club was putting on this past Saturday morning and I was in charge of getting him to and from. The complex is 45 minutes away from home and it didn’t make sense to make all those trips back in forth, so I figured I would just find a way to kill some of those four hours.

My plan was to drive down the road to the Chippewa Nature Center to hike around in the mist with my camera. The temperatures were nice and I got a few miles of hiking walking in before the rain got too steady and forced me to the car. The cooler summer temps and rain felt great, but it also made the mosquitos unbearable. I was covered from head to toe in layers of bug spray and still got a ton of bites.

I walked a little over three miles and despite taking a ton of photos I really didn’t feel like I came away with anything. In fact, as I was heading back towards my car, I passed a couple walking. They asked me if I got any good shots and I said: “No, nothing too good today.” Then later that day as I processed the photos I found myself thinking that I actually got some pretty good shots in just a couple of hours, in some less than ideal conditions.

Here is a look at some of the shots I got that morning as I enjoyed some forest bathing… I mean hiking in the woods.

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Catch Up Photo Dump

Between trying to get miles in, getting sick for a few days, and a hectic free-time schedule filled with driving around Michigan for my boy’s soccer games and practices, there has been little time to update here. So with that said, here’s a quick update of some of of my favorite photos from the past few weeks.

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Tree Portraits


Wednesday I was jonzing to get out on the bike in the morning, however a winter storm was barreling down on Michigan and I didn’t want to get caught out in it. Instead I opted to attempt hiking in the woods. No big deal, right?

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Urban Walkabout: Braddock, PA

A shot of the mill on the way into town.

The following is not something that you’ll see often here on Junk Miles Media, but I wanted to share it. There are no bikes, hikes, mountains, wildlife or woods to be seen. Instead you have a look at an urban walkabout I did in Braddock, Pennsylvania over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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